Merewether Ocean Baths

Merewether, NSW

Where are we going?

Merewether Ocean Baths
Henderson Parade
Merewether NSW 2291

02 4974 2000

What is there to do?

If you are feeling the heat a little, and want to make a SPLASH on those summer days, why not head to the Merewether Ocean Baths, which can give you year round water fun!

These baths are accessible shoreline tidal pools, which use cleaned ocean water, so you can give kids the experience of swimming in the ocean, without having all of the dangers that might go with that!

It's worth noting that the Merewether Ocean Baths are unheated, so if you have wet suits or thermal swimming costumes, it might be best to bring those!

The baths also have a life guard for cover from September to April, so if you're going to take the kids it might be best to visit during those months, then you know they will be safe!

Spending time by the water is an amazing way to spend a day out in coastal NSW, and these ocean baths can get the kids used to the ocean water, in an area that will be less crowded than bigger water parks filled with hundreds of kids.

So why not make that SPLASH at the Merewether Ocean Baths on your next family day out, and enjoy that Australian sun!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free so far as we know!


Need a little extra help?

Speak to the lifeguard on duty if you have any questions or need assistance


When can we go?

Lifeguards on duty 9am - 5:30pm Sept to April.

Year round access


Any top tips?

Make sure you take all the protections from the sun, including glasses, hats and sunscreen.

I’m Hungry!

Why not take a packed lunch and bottled water, and enjoy it near the pool! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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