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Check out Family Days Out for a range of family-friendly attractions. Easily search by postcode, city, or state to find nearby fun, like museums, indoor play areas, and theme parks. You can filter your search by age suitability or attraction type for tailored results.

Explore everything from historical sites where kids can learn about Australia's past to outdoor adventures in parks and gardens. Looking for more thrill? Try our listings for go-karting, ropes courses, or the excitement of theme parks and waterparks.

Everywhere in Australia is like a treasure map, bursting with gems for little explorers! Love splashing and building sandcastles?

The Gold Coast's sunny shores are calling! Fancy meeting some furry friends? Tasmania and Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park are ready for your cuddles.

For high-flying fun, the theme parks near Sydney and Melbourne will have your little adrenaline seekers cheering.

So no matter where you go, you're sure to find the perfect family adventure in Australia. 

Oh, it's like choosing between ice cream flavors – they're both amazing in their own way!

In Perth, you can bask in sunny days at stunning beaches, giggle with the quokkas on Rottnest Island, and gaze at the stars from the Perth Observatory.

Melbourne is a carousel of culture with its street art, museums like Scienceworks that will zap your curiosity, and the Melbourne Zoo for up-close animal chats. Plus, there are the magical penguin parades on Phillip Island nearby!

No matter which city you pick, you're in for a family adventure that's as awesome as a kangaroo's jump! So, why not both? The more the merrier! 

Finding free fun is as easy as pie on FDO! Just follow these sprinkle-filled steps:

  1. Search Party: Start by searching for the location where you want your next adventure.
  2. Magic Filter Wand: Wave over to the "Activity Type" filter and give it a tap.
  3. Secret Passcode: Select the "Free Entry" option—shh, it's like the secret handshake for fun!
  4. Abracadabra Click: Hit the search button again to cast a spell and refresh your results.
  5. Treasure Map Reveal: Ta-da! You'll see a list of all the attractions where you can have a blast for free in your chosen playground... I mean, location!

Sydney is bursting with excitement for kids, and it's all for free! Picture this: you're wandering through the enchanting Royal Botanic Garden, where every turn offers a new surprise from towering trees to exotic flowers. 

Imagine splashing and building epic sandcastles at Bondi Beach, where the waves are as free as the air!  Dive into history with a playful twist in The Rocks, where cobblestone streets become stages for spontaneous street performances every weekend. For adventurers, the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is a treasure trail of stunning ocean views that won't cost you a dime. Don’t forget Barangaroo Reserve, a wonderland of expansive parklands where kids can sprint, explore, and watch boats glide by on the sparkling water.

Sydney really is a playground of endless fun and it’s all yours to enjoy without opening your wallet!

TOP TIP: You can always search for free attractions in any area you look for by clicking the FREE ENTRY filed in the activity type search parameters.

Melbourne certainly knows how to charm with its museum offerings, many of which welcome visitors without a ticket! Dive into culture at the National Gallery of Victoria, the oldest and most beloved art museum in Australia, which offers free entry to its permanent collection. For a touch of history, the fascinating State Library Victoria entices with majestic reading rooms and captivating exhibitions at no cost. However, some special exhibitions and museums like Melbourne Museum have entry fees.

So, while Melbourne beams with free museum experiences, a few treasures might invite a fee for those special exhibits. It's a delightful mix that promises enriching experiences for every museum goer!

TOP TIP: You can always search for free attractions in any area you look for by clicking the FREE ENTRY field in the activity type search parameters.