Things to do in New South Wales with kids

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Planning your Trip to New South Wales

New South Wales is full of fun and exciting things to do with the kids. From the very far Seals Rocks all the way North to the mid-North Coast there are over 400 kilometres of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and landscapes. 

Scattered around the coastline and mainland are plenty of fun attractions for families to visit. If you’re a family that enjoys the great outdoors and exploring the beautiful nature and habitat Australia has to offer, then this is guaranteed to be a vacation of a lifetime. 

Listed below are some of the most beautiful places to visit and fun things to do in New South Wales with the kids.

Dorrigo National Park

Just an hour’s drive from Coffs Harbour is the world’s heritage-listed rainforest named Gondwana. This must-visit destination has stunning waterfalls, wildlife, picnic spots, and pathways to explore. Families that enjoy bird spotting will love the subtropical rainforests, crystal shower falls, and 600-year-old trees.

Banana Fun Park

This is the ultimate place to have fun with the kids. Packed with waterslides, mini golf, ice skating, and laser tag. Families can enjoy a fun-filled day at the Banana Fun Park and even the adults will love the waterpark! 

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is one not to be missed. Full of spectacular beauty and breathtaking nature and wildlife. A guided tour is recommended so you get to see everything this beautiful place has to offer. If you’re lucky you may get to see the Muttonbirds! Families often get to witness the local dolphins that swim around the shoreline and even the sea turtles.

Promised Lands, Neve River

The Never Never River in Bellingen looks like something out of a fairy tale. Crystal-clear waters make this river the perfect destination to go swimming. Locals and families from far away head to the Promised Land to enjoy a summer swim and fun on the swing ropes! If you’re heading over during the colder months you can enjoy white water rafting and many other water sports. 

Indoor Rock Climbing, Centre of Gravity

Centre of Gravity is a great place to spend the day with the little ones. Kids with lots of energy will enjoy everything this rock-climbing place has to offer. Located in Port Macquarie’s Industrial area, this centre has high climbs, a rope course and caving sequences. 

Smoky Cape Walking Track 

Smoky Cape Track is a moderate hike trail through 4.4 kilometres of rainforests and spectacular views. There are some great spots to enjoy snorkelling. 


New South West is one of the oldest and most diverse states in Australia. Sydney harbour shines bright in the state capital and tourists flock by the hour to visit the Sydney Opera House and the harbour bridge. Sydney is packed with wonderful restaurants, museums, galleries, and a lot of fantastic shops! NSW has plenty of diverse landscapes spanning the most dazzling beaches, gorgeous coastlines, and wildlife. 

There is so much to do with the kids, everything from climbing the rugged peaks of the snowy mountains, exploring the red-earthed outback’s or walking through the rainforest.

Blue Mountains 

The Blue Mountains are one of the most scenic and spectacular places to visit in NSW. For hundreds of years, this region has been the favourite place to visit for families that enjoy nature and the great outdoors. 

Spanning over 65 kilometres, the mountains rise very steeply along the coastal plain, combing beautiful waterfalls, sacred Aboriginal sites, rock formations, eucalyptus trees and magnificent gorges. This region is part of the World Heritage Site. Families can enjoy rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, photography and abseiling (if you’re brave enough) 

Places to visit with the Blue Mountains are the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls and the Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

Byron Bay

Located on the north coast, Bryon Bay is a hot spot for surfers. Byron bay spans long stretches of golden sands and often has dolphins and whales frolicking in the bays. Families that enjoy biking can enjoy long rides along the coastline.

Hunter Valley

This picturesque Valley is a two-hour drive north of Sydney and is one of Australia’s most famous grape-growing regions. Popular for weekend breaks and a destination for families that enjoy farm-fresh produce and gourmet restaurants. 

Highlights of Hunter Valley are the beautiful Valley Gardens and Wollemi National Park

As well as the impressive scenery, Hunter Valley includes excellent art galleries and vast landscapes of unspoilt bushland. 

Wollemi National Park is of Australia’s largest national parks and is home to the famous Wollemi Pine. 

NSW has everything to offer from regional country retreats to beautiful beach huts and coastal line resorts, New South Wales hosts a plethora of hotel choices and perfect getaways for families. 

Listed below are some of the top picks for places to stay in NSW Australia with the kids.

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains by Sofitel

When it comes to family accommodation, Fairmont is hard to beat. On-site restaurants, indoor play areas, heated swimming pools, crazy golf, kid zones and much more! This hotel caters for families’ needs in every respect. There are plenty of family rooms to choose from, including interconnecting rooms and family suites. 

Opal Cove Coffs Harbour Hotel

Located meters from the beautiful beaches of Coffs Harbour, this family hotel offers contemporary family suites and stylish facilities. The outdoor swimming pool has lots of fun slides for the little ones to enjoy and the hotel features an arcade of games complete with bikes, table tennis and pool tables. 

Peppers Manor House, Southern Highlands

This hotel is set amongst a gorgeous historical estate. Kids can enjoy the local wildlife and nature sports. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, golf course and on-site babysitting service, this hotel is the perfect place for a remote family vacation.

Ulladulla, Kings Point Retreat

This family retreat offers family cottages set on the beautiful southern coastline. Equipped with all the facilities a family needs for a perfect vacation, the kids will be entertained whilst the parents relax. Facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts and waterslides.

The temperatures in New South Wales vary. Most of the year you can experience humid conditions with a fair amount of rain. The months of June to September are ideal for families to enjoy nice temperatures that are bearable. 

Generally, the climate is comfortable but can become too hot for kids during the warmer months, Winter can bring very cold snaps and icy conditions. 

During the popular month, you can expect to pay more for accommodation and attractions and queuing to see the local attractions tends to be longer. However, if you travel outside of the peak season you can save a small fortune. 

Whenever you decide to visit be sure to check the weather and pack the correct clothing. 


Australian foods bring plenty of unique flavour combinations, and intriguing stories sprinkled with lots of nostalgia. A trip down under is not complete without trying the local foods. NSW is famous for some of its local delicacies and treats! After a fun day of visiting the local attractions be sure to try some of the foods listed below. 

Cherry Ripe

This has to be one of the oldest and best-selling chocolate bars. This sweet nostalgic bar is packed with cherry and coconut filling layered with dark cholate wrapped with its iconic red wrapper 

Fairy Bread

This iconic bread is a popular choice for kids’ birthdays and family gets together. Consisting of slices of white bread, margarine spread, and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Love by the locals and tourists this is a must-try! Popular with the kids, be sure to treat them to a slice of fairy bread after a fun day visiting the local attractions.

Shape Biscuits

This is another classic treat! These savory biscuits come in all sorts of flavors, everything from Cheese and bacon. BBQ pizza, Chicken, and chocolate. Australians consume over 53 million packets of these biscuits. Shape biscuits are not only delicious but extremely popular.

Chicken Parma

This dish has been around since 1898 and is a curtsey of Italian migrants. Many countries have their take on this dish but the Australian version consists of crumbed chicken, covered in tomato sauce, and then topped with cheese, and then served with chips and salad.


This culinary delight is made from sponge cake and then cut into cubes and dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in desiccated coconut. Popular with the locals as a delicious sweet treat or present for a loved one.

Golden Gaytime Ice Cream

Golden Gaytime ice cream is a favorite in Australia! Vanilla ice cream coated in toffee topping and dipped in honeycomb biscuit. Originated back in 1959 and has remained a firm favorite throughout the decades.


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