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Niabi Zoo
13010 Niabi Zoo Road
Coal Valley
Tel: 309 799 5107

Where are we going today?

Who's ready for an animal adventure? Are you? Great! Why don't we explore Niabi Zoo in Illinois - after all, there are over 900 animals there. That's pretty amazing!

Niabi Zoo is set on over 40 landscaped acres, and have around 160 species that make up the nearly 1000 animals that call the zoo home. The zoo is an incredible way for kids to have those unforgettable animals experiences, and also to, of course, learn all about them! What better way to learn than in a completely hands-on environment.

Throughout Niabi Zoo, there are a number of exhibit that house these creatures from ALL over the world! You don't need to get on a plane to go to Africa with the Passport To Africa exhibit. Lions, zebras, ostrich, foxes, monkeys, and hyrax are all waiting to say hello on the Illinois savannah! 

Don't miss those giraffe feedings that occur twice a day - it's quite an experience because YOU get to feed them!

It's Down Under next with the Australian Walkabout. There are colorful Lorikeets that make an appearance on a seasonal basis where you can feed them the sweet nectar that they love.

Across the globe to Asia is where you'll find pretty incredible creatures, such as the Buffed-Cheeked Gibbon. Have you ever heard them sing duets? Listen out for them!

With Jungle Treks, Wolf Ridges, reptiles, and aviary AND a petting zoo filled with sweet domestic animals that you can hand feed, as well as pony rides, Niabi Zoo really can give you some pretty incredible animal experiences to take away. 

Did we mention there were amazing events like Breakfast with the Animals, Zookeeper Chats and Big Cat Encounters? No? Well - you better visit to see what they are all about!

Animal fun all around - not in Africa, or Asia, or Australia - but in Illinois!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8.25
  • Children$6.25 (ages 3 to 12)
  • Free Under: 2 years

When can we go?

9:30am - 5pm daily

March to October

Teachers corner

They offer several options for animal related field trips and educational programs. Definitely worth checking out their site for information!.

I'm Hungry!

There are two full-service concessions for you to tuck in at, including the lovely Wolf Ridge Grill which is a log cabin style. There are snacks, food and drinks in both. .

Healthy Eating!

They have healthy options on the menu for you.

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you pick up feed for the giraffes and the petting zoo! Make sure you use their food. .

Need a little extra help?

Wheelchair rentals are available in the Wild Things Gift Shop for $5. Speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility or assistance..

Can I get one of those?

Niabi Zoo has a great gift shop with a large selection of clothing, toys and educational items. Take your zoo memories home with you after your big day at Niabi Zoo!.

More information

There are additional costs for the train rides, carousel and pony rides. Some of the activities are seasonal so check. .

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    A nice, clean little zoo to spend a morning or an afternoon at.

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    Please support the efforts to move the beautiful elephants to a better home.

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    Awesome place

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    So cool...kids can feed the giraffes. We had a lot fun, even on a rainy day. Good size for little kids!

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