Discovery Depot Children's Museum

Galesburg, IL

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Address: 128 S Chambers St, Galesburg, IL 61401, USA Number: 309 344.8876 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We LOVE a place where kids can play AND learn at the same time, and so do the Discovery Depot, because that's exactly why they were created!

This fun children's museum is perfect for kids up to 12 years, who love to enjoy hands-on fun through experimenting and getting creative. In fact, there is around 6,000 sq feet of fun exhibits - each of which are unique and offer a different kind of learning. 

Kids, have you ever wanted to role-play a village banker, or drop people off their very important pieces of mail? At Ferris Village kids can role-play across a half-dozen shops where it will be like they are just like their parents!

Creative little ones can enjoy the studio that focuses on the fine arts, and they can actually join in discussions of painters, who can tell them all about painting techniques!

Feeling like a challenge? Then why not head on over to the air maze within Discovery Depot, or check out the large-scale Lite Bright!

Many of the exhibits within Discovery Depot also feature design and engineering challenges, and with more and more being added and updated, kids won't ever stop learning if they keep visiting!

So why not enjoy a day of learning outside of the classroom, where learning means playing, touching, creating and using that imagination!

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Why not have a birthday party at the museum! They have a space you can rent out, and then the birthday child can enjoy a day of fun with their friends!

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Allow at least 4 hours to explore it all!

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There are plenty of places in the area to grab some food before or after your visit

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They can offer programs tailored to the classroom curriculum, so just give them a call to enjoy a day of learning outside the classroom!

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Speak to the staff about any assistance you might need!

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10am - 5pm Tues - Sat / 12pm - 5pm Sun

All year round

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