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Summerfield Zoo

Belvidere, IL

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Address: 3088 Flora Rd, Belvidere, IL 61008, USA Number: (815) 547-4852 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Ever seen an Alligator and a Zebra in the same place? Now is your chance! At Summerfield Zoo the whole family can encounter some pretty amazing animals! The main objective of the zoo is to give kids that incredible animal experience, and offer them the chance to really learn about these amazing creatures.

Want to hear about some of the exotic animals they have there? You might not believe it! From giant tortoises, arctic wolves, ring-tailed lemurs, mountain lions, zebras, monkeys, and even the very funnily named kinkajous - there is a whole variety of animals to show how diverse and wonderful this world really is.

Summerfield Zoo is a smaller zoo than most, which is why they can provide viewing areas which are closer to the animals than your regular zoo. They even have many animals which are available to take your picture with...AND pet! How cool is that! The petting zoo is always popular and there are even pony rides for those kids who want to get REALLY up close to those sweet animals!

Having a birthday party? Summerfield Zoo would be HAPPY to have you! What better way to spend your celebration that with some pretty cool animals! 

The zoo is very much a community zoo, and always looks for volunteers and support to ensure it can keep providing these amazing experiences for the community. This also means you know they love their animals, and do this because they want to. You won't find animals in small cages, unhappy just looking out at the bigger world.

At Summerfield Zoo the animals are well looked after, which also ensures your kids will have a beautiful experience really getting to know nature how it should be. 

Don’t forget your camera, because Summerfield Zoo is filled with those moments you won’t want to forget! 

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$9 (Ages 2 to 11)



Seniors $11


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If you reserve the zoo for a private birthday party, you get the zoo for 3 hours. There are also show options.

Any top tips?


Bring sunblock and an umbrella. Summerfield Zoo is enjoyable rain or shine!

I'm Hungry!


There is a lunch stand where you can fill up those rumbling tummies, as well as ice cream and snacks available in the gift shop.

Healthy Eating There are healthy sandwich options available at lunch stand - we know that staying healthy is very important, and so do the zoo!

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Where is it at?


The zoo is located at 3088 Flora Road in Belveidere, Illinois.

Teachers corner


Field trips are available March through November. It's a great way for kids to really learn about the animals up close and in person, so just send them an email for more information. At only $5 per person, it also includes a tour of the zoo, lunch and a lesson plan.

Can I get one of those?


Of course there are fun gifts to take away with you after your time at the zoo! From reindeer antler key chains, antler bookmarks, stuffed animals, t-shirts, magnets, books, pictures, antler candelabras....take your pick!

Need a little extra help?


Almost all of the species of animals can be seen from blacktop/cemented areas which are accessbile. A few species are accessible only from gravel pathways.

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When can we go?

Open 10am - 5pm Saturday, 10am - 4pm Sunday

Season runs late April to early October

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