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About Geology Museum

The Museum of Geology began as part of the University's geology department, but now serves as a way for the general public to learn all about the earth and geology - and we think that's pretty cool!

The ever-growing museum has over 40 exhibits and displays which cover the history of the Earth, as well as explains all about Earth materials and resources. Make sure you really take your time as you tour the museum, as you will be introduced to a fascinating world of minerals, rocks, and all their uses. You might be surprised some of the things you know as part of every day life - and what minerals we actually use to produce them! Can you think of any?

Kids can learn all about the origin of gas, oil and coal - all very important parts of how we live our life today. They can also discover all about glaciers in the Ice Age, and how they formed the soils, drainage systems and the landscape - not just of the entire planet but even just Illinois - it looks the way it does today for a reason!

What's also great about the Museum of Geology, is it teaches kids about how the Earth naturally recycles, and they can explore all about how the rocks and the fossils that we can find in our earth can tell stories of the planet's past. Pretty incredible!

Have you any idea how the continents move? Or where the ocean basins came from? Maybe you think you know how the mountain ranges formed? All your questions can be answered at the Museum of Geology!

Kids - you can even step back in time! Yep! Take a tour of all the plants and animals of the past, and what their lives would have been like, and the environment they would have lived in. (We're guessing it's pretty different to the one we live in today!).  And yes, you can learn all about the world of the DINOSAURS!

It's a fascinating museum for the whole family, and without realizing they are learning, they will go away from this family day out FULL of knowledge all about our planet - pretty incredible! 

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Geology Museum FAQ’s

Doing our bit

The museum is free, because it is dedicated to the education of EVERYONE! They have an incredible collection, and will continue to research and preserve all of their collections and findings.

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Geology Museum?

Unfortunately there aren't any food concessions in the museum

Any top tips when visiting?

Allow a couple of hours to see everything because you want to make sure you have a chance to read all the information on the displays too!

Teachers corner

What an AMAZING place to take kids to learn! They welcome groups of all kinds, and tours are conducted by members of staff. Just get in contact to arrange a tour. You can have tours outside of opening times by special arrangement.

Does Geology Museum have healthy eating or Vegan options?

Take a bottle of water with you and some snacks for the kids - you never know how long they will be there for!

Is Geology Museum fully accessible?

Give them a call if you have mobility difficulties and they can let you know what accessibility there is for you.