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Loma Vista Farms Vallejo

Where is it at?

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Loma Vista Farms
150 Rainier Avenue
Tel: 707 556 8765


The animals are waiting for you! Just get to 150 Ranier Ave, Vallejo!

Where are we going today?

Move over Old Macdonald - the kids are coming!

Loma Vista Farm is a nature loving 5 acre outdoor classroom that ensure the kids enjoy hands-on and educational activities involving animals and plants - for kids of all ages and abilities.  It's a great way for kids to learn about nature, the animals and what it takes to care for them, whilst growing and learning within themselves. 

But what about the animals!?  Well, we're glad you asked -because there are over 100 of them! Beautifully friendly and shiny horses, large moooooo cows, sheep (but don't try and count them, you might fall asleep!), bouncing little rabbits, noisy goats, hungry pigs, and even an furry alpaca will be there to greet you! 

You can buy food for the animals, paid for by donations, and those who do donate get special privileges to visit and pet your special animal friend!

For a bit of fascinating history there is a Native American Cultural Area which uses storytelling and music to teach kids of the Native American past, cultures and traditions. 

They also provide an after school program if your kids want to spend some extra time there, and garden-based workshops for those green thumbed adults!

Everybody!  Old Macdonald had a farm...eee ay ee ay oh!  And on that farm he had kids from Family Days ay ee ay oh! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsDonations appreciated.

When can we go?

Monday - Friday 9am - 2:30pm during the school year. Weekend hours may vary.

Closed on holidays.

Teachers corner

The farm offer great learning opportunities and hands-on educational activities relating to plants and animals. They can provide field trip information for teachers. .

Can I get one of those?

If it's coming up to Christmas time - make sure you head back to get your family Christmas tree!.

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    Kids love it so I love it!! Hands on activities acquaint children and adults with our roots and the responsibility of sustainable habitats.

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