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Redwood Regional Park

Oakland, CA

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Address: 7867 Redwood Rd, Oakland, CA 94619, USA Number: 888 327 2757 Website Contact How do we get there?

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California has some AMAZING nature - beaches, mountains, and yes - even forests! Redwood Regional Park is a great experience for kids, and one where they won't believe how tall some of those mighty trees grow!

The park is just a few miles from downtown Oakland, and was once the scene of a huge logging industry in the mid 1800s. This wood was used to build a lot of the San Francisco Bay Area (so next time you walk around the bay, think of Redwood Regional Park!)

The logging era has since passed, and those felled trees have been replaced so the park is good as new for all the families who want to come and experience a beautiful part of the world. 

There is something very magical about a forest! Hidden from the world around you, kids can play, and use their imagination for all the wonderful things that could happen in the park.

The park is not just a coast of redwoods. There are also grasslands, chaparral and evergreens. In addition, that amazing wildlife is thriving! How many species can you spot? You certainly have plenty to choose from! From raccoons, rabbits, deer, squirrels and even that might Golden Eagle - all waiting for you!

If you want to really make a special experience from your trip, you can actually overnight camp in selected areas throughout the park. They are only available by reservation. If you are just spending the day, you will still have plenty to do! Jogging, hiking, and horseback riding are all very popular activities in the park. There are nearly 40 miles of trails, so you won't be short of new places to explore, that's for sure! 

So enjoy this very magical part of California. Every child should experience the grand Redwood Regional Park at some point in their lives!

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Just a $5 parking fee per vehicle.


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If you do want to take your four legged friends, they have a charge of $2 per dog. There are no costs for service dogs.

Any top tips?


There is a kids play area about 1/4 mile down the Stream Trail which is accessible from the Canyon Meadow Staging area.

I'm Hungry!


Take a picnic lunch and enjoy a lovely time with the family with the redwoods smiling down on you!

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Where is it at?


There are a number of entrances to the park. The main entrance is Redwood Gate, and is on Redwood Road about two miles east of Skyline Blvd. From Oakland, take Hwy 13.

Need a little extra help?


Some of the picnic sites, the Canyon Meadow Staging Area, and the Skyline Gate Staging Area are all accessible to those in wheelchairs.

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When can we go?

5am - 10pm

All year round.

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