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Pixieland Amusement Park

Concord, CA

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Address: 2740 E Olivera Rd, Concord, CA 94519, USA Number: 925 689 8841 Website Contact How do we get there?

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You've heard of Dixieland in the South, but what about Pixieland! Well, we're in California, and that's what they have for all those younger kids! 

Pixieland is a small and fun amusement park just for those little kids! There are a small number of rides, but each one will make them laugh, and have a great time! 

The park itself is FREE to get in, and you just pay for tickets for the rides, so your day and be as budget friendly as you like! 

Want to hear about some of the fun rides you can enjoy? Great - because we're keen to tell you! How about taking on the dragon with the Dragon Roller Coaster! All you dragon slayers will love flying up and down, dipping and curving your way around the track. 

Is it tea time yet? It sure is at the Tea Cups! The whole family can get silly and crazy as they spin their way around this dizzying ride! Weeee how fast can you spin!

Want some tickles to your tummy? Then hop along with the Frog Hopper, as kids bounce up and down - just like a frog! Ribbit ribbit!

Have you ever thought about how family's used to have a great time? A lot of the time it was on that classic carousel - and at Pixieland you can see how that feels! Their antique carousel  is perfect for the whole family to join in (but parents you can't ride the horses unfortunately -it is an antique after all!) 

From airplanes to cars, and even a train, there is something at Pixieland for all kids! 

You can hold your birthday party at the park if you like, and don't forget to check the fun events that they put on across the year - you might want to make sure they are in diary so you don't miss you!

Magical family fun at Pixieland! Have you brought your fairy dust? 

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$1.85 per ticket



$1.85 per ticket



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The park is outdoors, so the day and hours change across the season - and are open weather permitting.

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Why not have a birthday party at the park! There are a number of packages to pick from, so you can ensure you have an amazing day!

I'm Hungry!


All that play makes you hungry! The Kid Cafe will fill you with all sorts of yummies, from burgers, hot dogs, and drinks. No outside food or drinks are allowed.

Healthy Eating They sell bottled water at the park which is really important to stay hydrated with!

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Teachers corner


It's a great place for kids to take a break and enjoy some fun! They have great group rates, and can reserve your place on weekdays.

Can I get one of those?


They sell lovely handmade items - from dolls and clothing!

Need a little extra help?


If you do need assistance, give them a call to see what help they can give you

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When can we go?

Hours and change throughout the season

All year round.

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