Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Armidale

Where is it at?

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Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place
128 Kentucky Street
Tel: (02) 6771 3606


The culture experience begins as soon as you reach 128 Kentucky Street in Armidale!

Where are we going today?

The Australian Indigenous community has been in Australia LONG before Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay - which means there are tens of thousands of years of history to be discovered!

The Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place is a great community-based centre where kids can really delve into the cultures and traditions of these incredible people. As soon as they walk in, there are friendly staff waiting to answer any questions they may have of Aboriginal Culture!

The centre has a number of sections to explore. There is a gallery where kids can look at the beautiful art works (Kids - have you ever noticed they use a lot of dots and symbols in their art work? What do you think that means?)

For those musical ones there is a fun musical section, as well as a fascinating historical section where they can really sink their teeth into the history.

Fancy experiencing a bush tucker walk? You can do that here! There is even a fun interactive corner for kids, which they can play in before exploring the archaeological section and a display of local heroes! (Anyone can be a hero!)

The Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place offer insightful cultural tours, as well as fun a huge range of Aboriginal cultural activities in their workshops.

This part of Australian history is so important, and understanding the cultures and traditions will open kids eyes up to a whole new area of what Australia was built upon. Plus it’s fascinating!

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When can we go?

Weekdays 9am - 4pm. Saturdays 10am - 2pm.

Closed Sundays.

Teachers corner

They offer art and cultural workshops which are available for groups over 15 persons. Only $2.20 per person - make sure you book! The activities are perfect for all ages. .

I'm Hungry!

The Echidna Cafe sells scrumptious Aboriginal inspired food - see how many new flavours you can try!.

Can I get one of those?

If you save up your pocket money you can pick something up from the gift shop! Authentic Aboriginal gifts like pots, clothes - even didgeridoos! Try and play one!.

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