White Sands National Monument

Alamogordo, NM

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Address: 20837 Hwy 70 W, Alamogordo, NM 88310, USA Number: 575-479-6124 Website Contact How do we get there?

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White sand in New Mexico? Yep! One of the most unusual attractions in the world. White Sand National Monument is an fascinating place to visit with kids with the white sand dunes covering the New Mexico desert!

The park is a great place to just take your time, and enjoy a self-guided tour through the dunes. Kids can get out, play, run around and enjoy this fascinating site!

If you wanted to participate in some really cool activities, check out what events the park puts on across the year.

They are great for the whole family, and some even just for kids!

There are sunset strolls which let you enjoy a one-hour ranger-guided walk where you can learn all about the plants, animals and geology.

Perhaps a full moon hike where you won't even need torches the moon can get so bright! You must reserve for this one - it's pretty popular!

For those kids that want to learn about fascinating facts about the area, they have evenings where you can find out how fire and mining have changed the landscape, and how humans have changed the shape of the area.

Before you ask, yep, there are animals in the area and yep, they hold events perfect for animal lovers They often have rangers showing pelts and skulls of the wildlife of the area so kids can really get an up-close look at the diverse creatures that call the White Sands National Monument home. 

White Sands National Monument also offer camping, picnicking, sledding, stargazing (and incredible place to do it!) as well as backpacking.

Don't forget your camera! 

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$3 per person.



$3 per person.



Free on certain holidays.


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Some of the events are extra fees, but some are FREE, so just check before you head out to one. The park also operate on the National Free Days so make sure you find out what days the entrance fee will be waived!

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It's always great to keep some water with you so you can keep hydrated!

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Where is it at?


The White Sands National Monument Visitor Center is located between Alamogordo (15 minutes drive west) and Las Cruces (an hour drives east) on Hwy 70.

Teachers corner


Use the park as a classroom! Geology and wildlife are just two of the many reasons why it's a great place for kids to learn and check out their ready-made lesson plans!

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a unique time? Yes! Can you take away plants or natural souvenirs from the park? Best not to - leave it there for someone else to enjoy!

Need a little extra help?


Give the park a call if you need accessibility for any disability.

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When can we go?


Visitor Center: Summer 8am - 7pm. Winter/Fall 9am - 5pm. Spring 8am - 7pm

Open all year around, but closed Christmas Day.

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