Billy The Kid Museum

Fort Sumner, NM

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Address: 1435 Sumner Ave, Fort Sumner, NM 88119, USA Number: 575 355-2380 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Who hasn't heard the legend of Billy The Kid? We have all heard of this outlaw legend who made his mark on American history, with stories filled with great tales of gunfights and outlaw heroics, and now YOU can learn all about him at the Billy the Kid Museum in New Mexico!

The Billy the Kid Museum is best privately owned museum in the southwest, a place that Billy himself knew a lot about!

At the Billy the Kid Museum, history comes to life! Instead of kids reading lists and lists of dates and places, here they can see first hand actual artifacts of the Wild West. 

History is all about people; who they were, how they lived, and in some cases, how they died. One of best-known figures of course is Billy the Kid himself, and within this charming and fascinating museum you can see actual items from his life! You can see his actual rifle, as well as his chaps and spurs, ANS the original Wanted poster!

Did you know that you can even see a lock of his hair? What's great about the exhibits is that they are so personal to him, you might ask yourselves "Was he really as bad as the stories would lead you to believe?" 

The museum is home to other fascinating items too, including the military cavalry sword of John Chisum, and more than 150 firearms of varying ages, plus actual antique automobiles ranging from 1941 fire trucks, Model Ts, and Model As to 1956 classic cars!

Pretty amazing!

A WILD day out with the Wild West at the Billy the Kid Museum, y'all have a great time ya hear!

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$3 (Ages 7 to 15)



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6 years


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They have an RV Park available if you want to stay a little longer!

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Teachers corner


If you're interested in taking the students along for a trip through history, just give them a call to arrange!

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You certainly stock up on your Billy the Kid souvenirs, with magnets, mugs, t-shirts, postcards and so much more in their Museum Store!

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Speak to staff if you have questions about the accessibility, they will be happy to help!

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8:30am - 5pm (no tours after 4:30pm)

Daily from mid-May to Oct 1, but closed Sundays rest of year. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and first two weeks of January

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