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Things to do in Albuquerque with Kids near me

Can you keep a secret? Albuquerque is not only a family's playground, offering kids a host of fun things to enjoy, but they also have a ton of attractions which have sneaky free days just for you!

It's the perfect city for any family budget.

Don't believe us? How about if we told you that the very unusual International Balloon Museum is free the first Friday and Sunday morning of every month?

Or that the Museum of Art & History is free every Sunday morning and first Wednesday of every month?  Kids under 1 are free for interactive and scientifically fun Explora, and for 5 days of the year the New Mexico Natural History Museum opens it's door free of charge!

Don't think it's just for museums either! You can spend time catching fish together at Tingley Beach...yep, you guessed it...free, just like kids under 2 can enjoy the Rio Grande Bio Park for free!

We haven't even started on all the other attractions in the great city of Albuquerque, from aquariums, theme parks, historic tours, zoos, and just plain kids fun!

Rest your wallet in Albuquerque, not your kids!

Albuquerque Attractions Map

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