What is there to do?

It's all about the sun at the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak!

Here, you can explore the grounds via an on-site self-guided tour, and see what it really takes to explore the main thing that our planet needs to survive - the sun of course!

This isn't your average observatory - here, it's not about space, or the planets, or the moon - it's all about our favorite big bright yellow ball in the sky!

When you arrive, you are free to wander around the Telescope Loop on your own, or you can visit the Visitor Center that is filled with educational exhibits to teach kids all about the wonders of what makes the sun the sun - what is it made of, how does it heat us, why is it so important?

It's quite a sight to see the giant telescope, and just imagine all the wonderful things the scientists are spotting as they gaze closer to the sun. Kids can learn all about the many instruments used too, to enable the scientists to do their research,

Are you ready to go where many families have gone before, and enjoy a day of sun exploration at the National Solar Observatory? 


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How much does it cost?



$3 for the museum



$1 (Ages 11 - 17) for the museum


Free Under

11 years


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Any top tips?


The Observatory lies at an altitude of 9200 ft (2800 m) and has an altitude difference of about 150 ft (50 m) between its lowest and highest points (though the basic telescope tour spans only about 50 ft/15 m altitude difference), so visitors from lower altitudes may experience shortness of breath and are advised to walk slowly.

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It's a good idea to pick something up before your visit, there are plenty of options in the nearby area

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Where is it at?

Can I get one of those?


There is a gift shop for those who want to continue their space adventure back at home! Educational items, books, gifts - bring that pocket money!

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When can we go?


Visitor Center: 10am - 4pm. Observatory open dusk to dawn.

Open most days of the year

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