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El Paso Speedway Park

El Paso, TX

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Where are we going?

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Address: 14751 Marina Ave, El Paso, TX 79938, USA Number: 800-658-9650 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Vroom vroom - sometimes the cars go so fast you can't even see them! El Paso Speedway Park is a fun and exciting activity to do with the whole family. It certainly helps if your family just LOVE cars!

The great thing about a speedway experience, is seeing the kids face when they actually get in among the crowd - and feel that electricity in the air. There's nothing like it! They will be buzzing with excitement just like everyone around them. 

El Paso Speedway Park season opens in April, and across the season they have a number of scheduled races, as well as pretty awesome specials along the way. Sometimes get into the swing of 50s night - sometimes it's Dad's night where they get special giveaways!

If you want to go out with a bang, check out the fireworks night - it can only mean it's 4th July! 

El Paso Speedway Park hold their events in the evenings, so your days are still free to do other fun things as a family (and of course what better place to find out what to do that on the website you're currently on!), and end the night on a high. 

To really enjoy the El Paso Speedway Park, you really need to get into the spirit of it all. Embrace the crowds, embrace the chows, embrace the noise and stock up on that merchandise and go all out!

It’s an experience every child should have once in their lives - and if you’re in El Paso, what better place to start! 

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Family passes $25


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10 years


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If you really want to have an experience you can get a pit pass for $30

Any top tips?


Keep an eye on the fun nights that you can have - from ladies nights to dads nights. There is something new each time!

I'm Hungry!


There are concessions to enjoy those great track side foods - and some nights they have hot dogs for 25c! Bargain!

Healthy Eating Make sure you get some bottled water so you can stay hydrated!

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If you do have disabilities and need assistance, just give them a call before you go to see what they can help with

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When can we go?

Gates open 5:30pm. Racing starts 7:45pm.

April to September. Check schedule for exact dates

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