Winkey Doodles Paintball and Laser Adventure

Canutillo, TX

Where are we going?

Winkey Doodles Paintball and Laser Adventure
401 Anthony Ave
TX 79835


What is there to do?

Did you know that if you want a place to have a TON of fun playing paintball and laser tag, that specializes in private group fun AND walk on players, then you should head to the very funny named Winkey Doodles Paintball and Laser Adventure!

Have you ever experienced paintball before? If you have, you will know what all the fun is about! If you haven't get ready for a treat! The great thing about paintball is that it's something you can play as a family. 

The fun part? You can either be ON the same team, and work with each other - or be on opposing teams and try and out smart each other!

Paintball is suitable for those older kids, because you do get hit with the paintball pellets (and you do get messy!). However, it's a great activity that let's kids develop their communication skills, their athleticism, keeps them healthy and gives them a chance to improve their tactical skills too!

If Paintball isn't quite your bag, don't worry because Winkey Doodles offers Laser Tag too - which is just like paintball, but you don't physically get hit with anything. Instead, your super cool combat gear is really clever, and it records when you get hit - then you can score up at the end and see which team completed the mission! 

Winkey Doodles also offers fun events - such as the Nightball which lets you play in the dark on Friday nights! (How well do you think you will go in that situation!?)

If you REALLY love the game, they have tournaments too, so you can really challenge yourself, and each other!

Paintball and laser fun? Yes please! As they say...a silly name for serious fun! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Full rental package $24.94 plus tax

Children: Same as adult.


Need a little extra help?

If you do have special needs, give them a call to see what assistance they can offer you


When can we go?

Times vary on the day

All year round.


Any top tips?

They do specialize in groups, so call just to double check if you want to pop in as an individual on the times and process.

I’m Hungry!

There is tasty food to fill those rumbling tummies, with corn dogs, BBQ sandwiches, burgers and pizza. They also have tasty drinks!

Healthy Eating

Make sure you stock up on plenty of water, you have to keep hydrated! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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