The Salem Witch Walk

Salem, MA

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Address: 125 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, USA Number: 978 666 0884 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Salem, of course, is known for those 1692 witch trials, and there are plenty of tours and museums to tell you all about what happened all those years ago. you want ANOTHER type of that is different to the others? Of course you do!

That's where the Salem Witch Walk comes in! The Salem Witch Walk gives you the change to learn the real truth about Witchcraft and magic, as you walk through the streets of Salem!

How cool is that!?

The family will get to meet, and talk to, REAL Salem witches, and even experience a magic circle. Along the way, you'll also explore the historic and magical sites across the city, and even spend some time in one of the country's OLDEST graveyards!

There is LOTS of learning to be done! You can learn about the Witches spells, love potions, poppets, charms...and yes, even curses!

Want to hear something really cool? YOU actually receive a crystal that has been blessed by a Salem Witch - what a cool souvenir!

Why do Witches wear black? Do they really cast spells? Why do some people think Witches are evil? Any questions you have they will be happy to answer!

Rain, hail or shine, the Salem Witch Walk will be waiting to give you a whole new perspective on a part of history that is so well known thanks to those 1692 events.


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From $15



From $15


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The tours don't include transpiration or gratuities.

Any top tips?


Dress for the weather and if it's during the day, it's best to bring sunscreen.

I'm Hungry!


It's best to grab some food before or after your tour - and there are plenty of options in Salem!

Healthy Eating There are plenty of healthy options in Salem so take your pick!

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Can I get one of those?


You get a blessed crystal with every tour!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs, give them a call as it's a walking tour - just to check the terrain

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When can we go?

Tour times vary so check when you book

All year round.

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