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Things to do in Boston with Kids near me

Boston is the city of variety. It can feel like a small, family neighbourhood. It can be your big city. 

You want museums? Sure! Head to the Boston Children’s Museum with great hands-on exhibits, or the Museum of Science.

Perhaps you want to visit the ocean? Of course!  Why not speed across it with Codzilla at 40mph, or take to the waves with Liberty Fleet which have a host of sailing tours, including a recreation of the Boston Tea Party?

There are places to go with kids that are perfect in summer, like the fascinatingly historic Boston National Historic Park which tells the story of the American Revolution.

Around in winter? Look no further than the many indoor attractions like Legoland Discovery Center and New England Aquarium!

When it comes to cities, there are few that are more kid-friendly than this Massachusetts favorite. There are a ton of fun things to do which are not only fun and educational for the kids, but also fun for adults.

It’s safe, clean, charming, and the perfect city for families looking for a great day out!

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