Fun Things to do in Salem

There are certain cities which are just SEEPED in history, and Salem, Massachusetts has to be one of them!

This historic town of course is most known for the 1692 witch trials, and yes…there are PLENTY of attractions for the family to learn all about it! From the Witch History Museum, the Wax Museum, to the Witch Museum….it’s like you just stepped into the history books!

But of course, there is so much more to Salem than that iconic event. You can find history in Phillips House, where you can experience 19th century living. The New England Pirate Museum will introduce you to some famous swashbucklers AND pirate treasure, and the Salem Night Tour can introduce you to the cities…other residents!

Salem also offers water park fun, animal fun, and indoor play, so there are plenty of things to do with kids in this amazing city!

The witch trails are all but over…but just to be sure…be good kids!


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