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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Boston, MA

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Address: 306 Congress Street, Boston, Ma 02210 How do we get there? Number: 866 955 0667
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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Tickets

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16th December, 1773 was such as important date in American history, and it involves tea! Are you ready to learn all about this monumental event that started the American Revolution? Well, we'll have to head to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum then!

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is located in a beautiful party of Boston Harbor, and in fact is located right on the very waters that the Boston Tea Party happened over 240 years ago. 

This amazing museum is where kids can learn all about this historic event in a fun and exciting way. You are taken on a tour by costumed actors, who set the scene right at the beginning. Even the guests (yes kids, that's you!) are given real names and people who were involved, and are encouraged to cheer and jeer as the story is told!

Next stop on the tour takes you onto a historically accurate replica of one of the ships that took part in the tea party. You can really feel what it would have been like to live on the ship, work on the ship, and yes, you can even throw tea overboard too! Great fun for kids!

The tour also takes you to the museum, where you can see the ONLY known surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party! Pretty amazing! 

Also in the museum are other fun artifacts, as well as a chance to see portraits of Samuel Adams and King George III comes to life, recounting actual written correspondence between the two. (It gets quite heated!)

The tour finishes at Abigail's Tea Room, where you can try the actual blends of tea that were thrown overboard on that December night. Fun for kids are also some 18th century board games too! 

With a great gift shop to finish the experience with, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a must visit for any family in this great city.

Family Days Out were lucky enough to visit, and had a great time!

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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum FAQ’s

All tickets purchased will be purchased for a specific tour time. The tour is one hour in length and doors for each tour open 15 minutes before stated tour time. All guests must check in between 15 minutes and 5 minutes before their stated tour.

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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Tickets

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