Brooksby Farm

Peabody, MA

Where are we going?

Brooksby Farm
54 Felton St
MA 01960

978 531 7456

What is there to do?

Brooksby Farm is primarily a 'pick your own' facility offering that classic farm fun for the family! 

Throughout the seasons, kids can enjoy learning where food comes from, and picking those delicious seasonal fruits, and then some!

During summer, kids can play with the barnyard animals, and pick fruits and vegetables that are in season for those warmer months. Come late Fall and Winter, the family can cut their own Christmas tree, make wreaths, and pick pumpkins!

During Fall itself, join in that classic Fall Festival fun with more pumpkins and fun activities for the kids!

In Spring, ease into the year with greenhouse flowers and hanging plants, and get ready for the year ahead. 

Keep an eye out for fun events too, as Brooksby Farm also host regular family and child oriented events throughout the seasons, showcasing certain crops and festivals which have educational and historical significance.

With birthday parties too, why not head down to Brooksby Farm and enjoy what nature gave us! There is nothing like enjoying a pie filled with fresh fruit picked yourselves, so what are you waiting for?

Let's get pickin'!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: Free!


Need a little extra help?

Just give them a call to chat about the accessibility, they will be happy to help!


When can we go?

Open 9am - 5pm daily in summer/late fall-winter. (Spring: 10am - 3pm Thurs - Sun, / Fall: 9am - 6pm daily)

Open May to December


Any top tips?

Call the store for daily picking information

I’m Hungry!

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