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Address: 79 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA Number: 774 454 7792 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Quick quiz kids - what year did the Pilgrims arrive on the Mayflower? If you answered 1620, then you are either very good at listening at school. or you have been on one of the tours offered by Native Plymouth Tours which fill you full of historical facts!

Over 90 minutes, the tours with Native Plymouth Tours give a fascinating insight into that iconic moment at Plymouth Rock - but from the point of view of Native Americans. Your Native American guide will take you and the family around some of the most famous and intriguing sites that you can find in the city, as well as some that aren't as well known.

It will give you a lesson on Native American history that you probably have never heard before - they're fascinating!

All of the tours are about a mile in distance. All of the tours begin at Plymouth Rock - very fitting, and include several stops - each one just as important as the last!

Don't worry kids, there's no quiz at the end! The tours are fun, enlightening and casual. Don't forget to ask questions kids. No question is too silly, and it's a great way to learn!

The great thing about Native American Tours, is that whilst your kids may have learn about the history of the Pilgrims in school, giving yours from the perspective from the Native Americans is a fresh and new way to look at history, and really gives kids something to think about. It's not always just what you read in one book - there are so many stories to every historical event!

Make sure you wear those comfortable shoes, because there are some hills to climb. 

History is ready to come to life once more! 

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$10 (Ages 5 to 18_



Seniors $12


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5 years


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They accept cash or credit card. Reservations are required.

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Take your walking shoes because you will need them - nice and comfortable!

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Healthy Eating It's always handy to bring water and healthy snacks for the kids so they can keep their energy up to learn!

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The Native Plymouth Tours offers Native American history programs for students in grades K to 12. Fun! With an on-site classroom and field trip options, it's a great way to extend their education!

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If you do have mobility disabilities, just call them to discuss what assistance you will need, and what the access might be for you.

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Contact directly for tour times and bookings.

Tours happen in winter for 4 adults minimum.

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