Salem Witch Museum

Salem, MA

Where are we going?

Salem Witch Museum
19 1/2 North Washington Square

978 744-1692

What is there to do?

Family Days Out recently visited the Salem Witch Museum, and can throughly recommend it to families who want to learn more about the infamous events that happened in 1692. Great staff, great displays, and great family fun!

Sometimes in history there are events which become infamous because of the horrors that were a part of it - and the Salem Witch Trials are one of those events. The fascinating Salem Witch Museum takes the kids back to a time in 1692 when twenty innocent people were accused and executed during the Witch Hysteria. It's a museum that will intrigue and educate, but not a museum for the younger kids.

The museum uses life-size figures, as well as lighting and narration to tell the stories of the trials, and of these twenty people. It's a great way for kids to really understand what happened, and how differently thing are today. History really does come to life! 

Live guides will take visitors through changing interpretations of not only the witches, but the truth behind the stereotypes, and even witchcraft practice today. You've heard about witch hunting? At the Salem Witch Museum you can hear all about that frightening phenomenon.

The museum starts from the beginning - who was the first case? How did it all happen? How did it escalate? It not only explains the events of the Salem trials, but also the times in which these accusations occurred. There were lots of stresses in the 17th century, with outbreaks, war, fear and suspicion. It wasn't particularly a pleasant time to be alive!

It’s a great opportunity for kids to see another side of history - and discuss their thoughts on the events. Do they think they were fair? What would they have done? What would it have been like to live at such a time?

A really eye-opening experience for the family at the Salem Witch Museum. 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $13

Children: $10 (Ages 6 to 14)

Discount: Seniors $11.50


Need a little extra help?

If you do need wheelchair access, give them a call before you arrive to see what they can do for you.


When can we go?

10am - 5pm daily. 7pm close July & August. Check online for extended hours in October

All year round. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day.


Any top tips?

Tickets for the Museum are available at the door. While certain months throughout the year can be busy, they recommend making the Museum one of your first stops when you arrive in Salem!

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