PhotoWalks Tours and Scavenger Hunts Boston

Natick, MA

Where are we going?

PhotoWalks Tours and Scavenger Hunts Boston
3 Village Way
MA 01760


What is there to do?

Exploring a new city is always exciting, just like discovering something new about the city you live in is. But wouldn't it be good if there was a way to make it that little bit more unique?

Look at this! PhotoWalks Tours and Scavenger Hunt Tours is a great way for the whole family to see the city and learn some fun history or even pick up some new skills - we love that!

Each of the tours are designed for both kids and adults, of any age and skill. A true family day out! Kids can get to explore their creative side as they take amazing photos in ways they might not have considered before. They can learn all about composition, as well as finding new ways to think about angles and lights.

If you know Boston, or are new to it, you will see the city from a completely new perspective!

The PhotoWalk Scavenger Hunt is still introducing the skill of photography to the family, but with a slight competative difference! Families can test their detective skills through an exciting and fun-filled competition against the other teams taking the tour. 

And...go! You'll race around Boston taking pictures and solving clues, and as you do so, learning about the city's attractions and sites at the same time - pretty cool!

The first team to cross the Photo Finish Line (get it!) wins - of course if you have all the correct answers to the challenges - it's a tricky one! What do you think the Mystery Prize will be!?

There are a number of options that you can pick from, from the Waterfront, to historic Beacon Hill, or create your own postcards in the Public Garden.

Creative family fun in Boston for your family day out with PhotoWalks Tours - that's what we like to hear! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $40 - photo tours, $30 - scavenger hunts

Children: $20 (10-17) - photo tours, $15 (10-17) - scavenger hunts

Free Under: 10 years old


Need a little extra help?

Some of the tours have steep inclines or steps - it can be done but it might be difficult!


When can we go?

10:00am-5pm. Check your tour departure time

May to October


Any top tips?

You have to purchase tickets in advance with a credit card.

Healthy Eating

It's handy to bring a bottle of water and home healthy snacks to keep that energy up! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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