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Plimoth Plantation

Plymouth, MA

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Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA How do we get there? Number: 508 746-1622
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About this activity

What is is that they say....you can't change history but it can change you?

Plimoth Plantation is a fascinating and exciting, hands-on historical adventure where the whole family can step back in time and experience the lives of the 17th century pilgrims who lived in Plymouth.

Are you excited to hear what you can see and do at the Plimoth Plantation!? We're excited to tell you!

The 17th century English Village welcomes you to the year 1627! This fun re-creations of a small faming and maritime community which was built by the Pilgrims is a great way for kids to learn about history. The village is set just 7 years aged the arrival of the Mayflower, and it brings the colonial Plymouth to life.

Can you imagine all these activities happening right where you are standing, all those years ago? All the stories that they must have? The homes are furnished with reproductions of the kind of objects that the Pilgrims would have owned, as well as gardens and livestock. Of course, the townspeople are eager to tell you all about their new lives in the Plymouth Colony!

All of the people that the kids will meet in costume are actually portraying real residents who actually lived in the colony. Every person has a unique story to tell, and some of their comments and habits may even shock you!

The Craft Center gives the whole family a glimpse into the historic techniques and crafts that were used to bring the Museum to life - an amazing behind the scenes look into how the 17th century was re-created!

17th century practices and tools are shown so you can really gain a better understanding of not only what life was life, but how it was done!

Ever wanted to experience the Mayflower? Well, the original that landed in 1620 no longer exists, but the Plimoth Plantation has a full scale replica which is just as impressive! All of the details on the ship have been carefully recreated, so it will just be like you are actually experiencing the real Mayflower! 

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$28 admission to the Plantation (single site)



Ages 5-12: $16 admission to the Plantation (single site)



Combo tickets available


Free Under

4 years with purchase of adult or senior ticket


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Jogging strollers are the best to use on the rough terrain, and trollers aren't allowed on the Mayflower II

History can get those tummies rumbling! There is a cafe where you can have burgers, cheesecake (from the 17th century!), pudding and turkey

There is free parking!

There are a number of museum shops which have a range of items, books, toys, and gifts that you can take home with you!

There are field trip, homeschooling and educational program options for the kids - it's a great way for them to learn about history (by being there!)

Jogging strollers are the best to use on the rough terrain, and trollers aren't allowed on the Mayflower II

The cafe has salads, soups, and salmon burgers, and of course water!

There is handicap parking, and they offer daily ride assistance for those with mobility issues.

Whilst there are combo tickets available, you can also get tickets to just the Mayflower II exhibit, or the grill.

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