Lafayette Durfee House

Fall River, MA

Where are we going?

Lafayette Durfee House
94 Cherry St
Fall River
MA 02720

508 813 8230

What is there to do?

All the way back in 1775, Fall River used to be part of Freetown, and actually only had 18 houses (how things have changed!). 

Here there was a house which belonged to Thomas Durfee - a judge. This was the Lafayette Durfee House. The property on the house was amazing, with fields, outbuildings, orchards and woodlands where deer roamed.

Then, in true American style, Judge Durfee mortgaged all of his lands so he could help finance the American Revolution. inspired, his son helped fight against the independence too, and eventually helped defend Fall River from the British! Go team!

Now, luckily for you, the Lafayette Durfee House is open for families like you to visit! As you wander around you can just imagine the family sitting around the parlor discussing events and strategies for the war. Picture the aides in the yard, and the smell of the foods being prepared in the kitchen.

There are a number of displays at the Lafayette Durfee House, with all items and artifacts that are personal to the family and the war. There is clothing that was once worn by the family themselves, furniture from their time, and even weaponry that was used by them in the revolution.

It's a great way for kids to learn not only about the American Revolution, but the names and faces behind it's triumph. They can learn about the history of the Durfee family, and what their lives were like growing up. 

The Lafayete Durfee House is living history, and one that kids can really use their imagination to enjoy and experience. 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $3

Children: $3

Free Under: 12 years


Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, give them a call to discuss the access and assistance available


When can we go?

1pm - 4pm

Sundays only. All year round.


Any top tips?

If you love the house and want to help keep it running, check out the membership. $10 for annual up to $100 for lifetime!

I’m Hungry!

There are food options around the house for you to enjoy before or after your historic trip through the revolution. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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