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    This campground had a great deal of potential, espicially for family camping. My family, aunts, cousins, and all camped here for one weekend and would have had the perfect time if not for the extremely creepy owner who drove around on her golf cart making sure everyone followed her long list of camp rules; the only wood campers are allowed to use are cheap cedar budles selling for 7.50 a bundle If ,one makes any sort of noise after 11pm she will very rudely demand silence, and blue tarps are strictly forbidden. The first night I was there she parked her golf cart near our site and stared at us for half an hour and then followed myself and two of my cousins to the bathroom. By the way the bathroom stalls have NO LOCKS so that every time you go someone walks in on you. The second day that we were there the owner harrassed my family, interrogating several of my relatives. Needless to say we were all a little offended and very creeped out.

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    I love this place! We’ve camped for years at different places, mostly weekend and vacation camping. This is the first time ever camping seasonally. After visiting a number of campgrounds in the area, we settled on this one for so many reasons. Mostly because of it’s family friendly nature. Their activities committee works very hard to keep the kids active as well as finding ways to raise money to help support these activities and update the playground area for the kids. Nearly every weekend there’s something going on for both adults and kids. They have an activities website that is constantly being updated with the month’s activities. This is NOT a brand new campground! It’s an older campground that is now being managed by people who care about the people and the business. They are all working very hard to make this a place you WANT to come back to. We’ve been here one year now and we intend on staying here for quite some time.

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    Don’t listen to what people say about a girl being rude she is ling gone and the place is great except they should have a better playground and maybe more activities other then that it’s a great place 🙂

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    My family has camped for over 15 years and this is one of our favorite campgrounds. the owners always make sure that your stay is an enjoyable one and there is always plenty going on to keep everyone happy, from Bingo on Friday nights, children’s cr