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Address: 2 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035, USA Number: 855 955 9487 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Are you ready to take on 5 Wits? We hope so - you might need to be brave!

5 Wits in Foxboro is an adventure with a twist. It's a cutting edge, live-action entertainment venue for older kids and adults, which gives you the chance to immerse yourself in realistic, hands-on adventures, which will challenge everyone to prove really what they have to face the battle!

There are two adventure that you can experience. Tough decision - would you rather than on the giant squid in 20,000 Leagues, or save the world in Espionage? See - we told you that you would need to be brave!

Espionage sees you trained as spies, where you then have to infiltrate and take down an evil corporation that are determined to stop you in your tracks at every turn.

20,000 Leagues will see you caught up in the mystery of Captain Nemo's lost ship, when your tour group will accidentally discover the legendary Nautilus.

With each expedition you will be accompanied by a trained cast member, but no mistake about it - YOU are the start of the show!

Each of the adventures at 5 Wit are self contained, and each requires a physical, and hands-on interaction. Each of them have multiple rooms and several unique puzzles that you will have to discover, and will certainly challenge you! You might have to climb cargo nets, swim through tunnels, or dive out of the way of boulders!

Each adventure is also just under an hour, but don't worry - they are designed to challenge you, not scare you, so they are family friendly. Parents with kids under 7 years should use discretion. 

So, are you ready to head to Foxboro and take on your mission at 5 Wits? Good luck team - we know you can do it!

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$17.99 one adventure, $22.99 both adventures



Same as adult


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Why not have your birthday party at 5 Wits! They love having celebrations, they can offer you a number of options and lots of tasty food too!

Any top tips?


If you do take on both adventures, allow enough time as each adventure is around an hour, and there may be a short wait between them

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There are snacks and drinks available at the center, but there are also great restaurants in walking distance if you want to celebrate your win with your favorite meals

Healthy Eating There are healthy options in the area, and it doesn't hurt to take your own bottled water

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Teachers corner


They have group discounts that vary by the number, so give them a call to see how they can accommodate your students! Great for team work and building self confidence! They also provide support material and lunch options for you

Need a little extra help?


The adventures are very physical but if you have any questions, just give them a call before you book

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All year round

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