Central Rock Climbing Gym

Worcester, MA

Where are we going?

Central Rock Climbing Gym
299 Barber Ave
MA 01606


What is there to do?

Rocking climbing is SO much fun for kids, and they don't have to travel to the highest mountains to have an amazing experience - not if they go INDOOR climbing!

Central Rock Climbing in Worcester is 13,000 sq feet of climbing space, with over 100 stations that feature lead, top rope, or bouldering options. It's such a fun activity for kids, and most important, it's a great way for them to keep fit!

They can build their strength, and also their confidence when they finally get to the top of the routes they are trying! 

The routes are color coded by difficulty, so you can know you're starting on the easiest, then make your way up to the most difficult as you improve.

There are great classes for both members and non-members too, so if you want to really get to know those techniques and understand the basics of climbing, they are for you!

Did you know that Central Rock Gym is ALL about kids? They make sure they have plenty to offer those active little ones, including a number of programs, classes, and teams where they can really immerse themselves in the sport.

From birthday parties, to lock ins and camps, there are plenty of fun choices for them!

With fitness and yoga to top off your climbing experience, Central Rock Climbing really gives you that climbing fun, without having to scale great mountains - just great personal bests! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $20 day pass. Rental gear $8

Children: $16 day pass. Rental gear $8

Discount: Memberships available

Family Deals: Family membership $110/month


Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff if you have any questions about mobility, and what you can enjoy at the gym


When can we go?

11am - 10:30pm Weekdays / 9am - 9pm Weekends

All year round


Any top tips?

You don't have to register for beginners classes!

Healthy Eating

It's helpful to take bottled water and healthy snacks to keep that energy up

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