Greenville Zoo

Greenville, SC

Where are we going?

Greenville Zoo
150 Cleveland Park Dr
SC 29601


What is there to do?

Do you know what sound an elephant makes?  Yes?  Do you want to hear it with your own ears!?  Exciting!

Greenville Zoo is 10 acres of great family friendly fun featuring beautiful and exotic animals from across the globe.  

Lively, jumping monkeys await your attention - from the Black Headed Spider Monkey to the fluffy Angola Colobus Monkey.  A collection of cute, weird and wonderful reptiles can be found in the Reptile Building.  Haven’t been to Africa?  No problem - because it has come to you!  The Masai Giraffes are beautiful and graceful creatures and can be found within the park, and various members of the cat family such as the cute eared ocelots and regal African lions also roam.

The zoo is also a great place to learn about these creatures you are seeing - how and where they live, what makes them different and what is special about them.  A number of great hands-on programs are offered to continue the eduction outside of the classroom.  Some examples are Saturday Safari which help children aged 5-8 discover the amazing world of these animals through crafts and activities, and “Zoo Tots” which are designed for both the parent and the toddler to discover the fascinating worlds that exist for these creatures.

The zoo also put on fun events and concerts across the year - from the delicious Hot Dog Day to the musical Zoo-A-Palooza featuring some great musicians and singers.  There are often seasonal events based around Christmas and Halloween so keep an eye out for those!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $8.75

Children: $5.50 (3 to 15 years)

Discount: Group rates available

Free Under: 3


Need a little extra help?

Greenville Zoo is completely accessible to wheelchairs. If you need one, make sure you bring your own as they are unavailable to rent in the park.


When can we go?

March 1 - Sept 30 extended hours - 9am - 5pm

open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and Christmas Day.


Any top tips?

Back home and want to know what those cute animals are up to? You can watch your favourite giraffes through live video streaming! Ask about giraffe cam during your visit. Also, allow about 1.5 to 2 hours to enjoy the entire zoo.

Healthy Eating

We're sure you couldn’t eat as much as the animals though! That would be a lot! There are two covered picnic areas available inside the zoo for you to enjoy any food or drink you bring in yourself. If you don’t fancy bringing your own and want to treat yourself, a concession stand is available next to the Reptile House where you can purchase foods such as chips, hot dogs, popcorn and drinks. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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