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Bear Hollow Zoo

Athens, GA

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Address: 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, USA Number: 706-613-3580 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Sometimes you get HUGE zoos filled with animals from all over the world, but sometimes all you need is a charming, quaint zoo filled with animals native to your own state - and that's Bear Hollow Zoo.

Bear Hollow Zoo is within Memorial Park, and is home to non-releasable wildlife native to the state of Georgia. Each animal has their own story, and challenge they couldn't overcome - either physical or behavioral. So you can find them in their happy forever home, where they can educate all who visit on their species, and what makes them so special!

The zoo is a popular place for families to visit, as it makes for a simple and stress free experience with kids of any ages. The best part? Bear Hollow Zoo is FREE admission, so everyone can visit and meet these beautiful creatures. 

From the smallest duck, to the cutest bear, Bear Hollow Zoo has an adorable collection of mammals, birds, and reptiles waiting to say hello. There are cute river otters, playful opossums, curious bobcats, and even snakes and bearded dragons!

If you want to stretch those legs during your visit, the Birchmore Trail which is a relaxing 1.25 mile exploration through nature. 

So kids, are you excited for your WILD family day out in Athens? The animals are waiting to say hello, so let's go!

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If you want to support the zoo, you can adopt an animal - information in on their website. It's a worthwhile cause.

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Why don't you have a birthday at the zoo, and celebrate with the animals! They have weekend slots available, as well as summer camps, so make sure you book at least 3 weeks in advance, and have a WILD day!

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Why not take a picnic and enjoy it in Memorial Park before or after your visit!

Healthy Eating Take plenty of bottled water with you

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Teachers corner


The zoo is an amazing learning experience. You can enjoy free self-guided tours, or book a formal zoo program at a cost.

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Just speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility!

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9am - 5pm. Exhibit hall Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Year round

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