Childrens Garden at Linky Stone Park

Greenville, SC

Where are we going?

Childrens Garden at Linky Stone Park
Reedy View Dr
SC 29601

864 467 4355

What is there to do?

The Children's Garden at Linky Stone Park is a super fun way to turn a regular park experience for kids into one geared just towards then!

The Children's Garden at Linky Stone Park comprises over one and a half acres of green space beside the river, set aside solely for the purpose of keeping city kids in touch with nature.

There are a range of themed and landscaped gardens but it is aimed at families so there's nothing too precious or fragile to study. There are multi-themed gardens to enrich the learning experience of the kids, as well as encouraging creaticity, discovery and exploration!

Kids can explore caves, or search for fairies in the fairy forest. They can get up close to nature with the native plant displays, and there are even sensory experiences for the kids too.

Don't miss the sculpture garden, where kids can really start appreciating art too!

All of this is found in Linky Stone Park, where there are beautiful walking paths, hiking trails, and even a fun playground for the kids.

Keep an eye out for the Swamp Rabbit Trail, where you can pick this up and connect to other great attractions such as Falls Park and Greenville Zoo!

Nature, play and learning all rolled up into one!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free so far as we know!


Need a little extra help?

There are sensory gardens, and paved pathways


When can we go?

General daylight access.

Year round


Any top tips?

Dress for weather and take spare shoes!

I’m Hungry!

There are picnic spaces in the park where you can enjoy your own lunch!

Healthy Eating

Make sure you pack plenty of bottled water - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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