The Gateway Arch

St. Louis, MO

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Address: The Gateway Arch, 100 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63102, USA Number: 314-655-1600 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Here are some fun facts! Did you know that The Gateway Arch is the tallest national monument in the WHOLE of the USA! Yep! It's 630 feet tall, and that's pretty tall!

It's also hugely iconic for anyone visiting (or living!) in St. Louis - that grand arch welcoming all kids to this amazing city! It's also so much more than an arch!

Did you know that at the Gateway Arch you can actually go right to the top! (well, you can journey up to 630 feet - so pretty close!). You can get to the top in an enclosed tram, and this 4 minute ride to the top lets you see incredible views of the city, and learn all about it through the narration.

Want to know more? So do we! Just as well there are two great movies that kids can watch which can explain the history in more detail. There is the original 1967 documentary "Monument To The Dream" which explains all about the construction of the Gateway Arch. You can see as the Arch is built, and follow it right to the end when the last piece was put in place.

The second film is "Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West" which is a documentary narrated by Jeff Bridges that takes the family on a journey through wonderful, uncharted lands of the Louisiana Purchase and beyond!

So make sure you visit this iconic attraction whilst in St. Louis. Great for history, and great to see what feats of architecture this country is capable of! A fun and fascinating family day out!

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$10 (Over 16). Movies $7



$7 (Ages 3 - 15). Movies $2.50



America The Beautiful Pass: $7. Movies $4


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Whilst there is a cost to travel up to the top of the arch, and to watch the movies, the actual entry into the arch is free.

Any top tips?


Allow at least 30 minutes before your tram time to get through security!

I'm Hungry!


It's St. Louis! There are plenty of places to grab some food before or after your visit. There is also an Arch View Cafe on the Riverboats dock.

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Where is it at?


You can't miss it - just look for the big arch in the city! It's also located at 200 Washington Ave, which is in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, just near the Hwy 40 bridge.

Teachers corner


They are happy to accommodate school groups - it's such a great excursion idea! Make sure you call in advance to organize.

Need a little extra help?


The Journey to the Top is not fully accessible for those with mobile impairments unfortunately. You can't take wheelchairs up to the top.

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When can we go?

Summer (May 28 through September 5): 8am to 10pm

Winter (September 6 through May 25): 9am to 6pm

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