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More than just the Kentucky Derby and the Bourbon Trail, Kentucky has a host of things to do for kids and adults alike! Filled with a rich musical history, there is also an incredible countryside waiting to be explored! There are wonderful caves to delve into, incredible State Parks to explore and play in, and fascinating museums to learn from! There are also great animals attractions for the whole family in this Bluegrass State! Great fun for the whole family!

Kentucky is more than just the Bourbon Trail and Kentucky Derby (although they do play a large part in the state’s character!). 

This music loving state filled with incredible countryside has so many fun and diverse things to do with kids, that the biggest problem will be working out how long to stay for!

Did you know that this great state has the longest cave system in the world? It sure does, with Mammoth Caves!

Kids can go back in time to the Old West at Guntown Mountain, and with 52 state parks like the 10,000 acre Green River Lake State Park and playful Land Between The Lakes, there is never an excuse not to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

The Bluegrass State is a great place to learn about the incredible history of the state, such as Kentucky Museum and Louisville Slugger Museum, and if kids really did want to experience those famous horses, they don’t have to wait for the derby! They can enjoy activities such as Horse Farm Tours and Kentucky Horsepark, with their famous working horse farm.

Why the long face? Better change that by heading to this Bluegrass State!


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