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Amped Up

Middle River, MD

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Address: 11600 Crossroads Cir, Middle River, MD 21220, USA Number: 410 335 1305 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you want to visit one of the COOLEST places in Baltimore, then you might want to check out Amped Up...are you excited!?

Amped Up is an amazing place for the coolest birthdays, the most fantastic field trips, and hassle free parties! They also offer general admission where you can enjoy games, activities, and even game shows! How awesome is that!?

The facility at Amped Up features a technology-driven movie theatre, upscale dance club, and video parlor...all in one!

They have a host of general admission events which are perfect for kids and parents alike. How about Family Game Nights!? You can take on their games of knowledge, skill, and challenge, as well as group competitions. They even have game show parodies and original games where you can try and show off your skills in math, science, music, and current events.

If you're up for something a bit more, they have physical challenges which are always a laugh!

If you want to spend some time just enjoying the games, they have Open Game Time during the school holidays, long weekends and summer vacations. There are video games, table games, movies to watch and even musical instruments to play! There aren't any coin operated games so once you pay the admission you're all set! 

If you have teenagers in the family, Amped Up have their weekend nights for kids aged 9 to 16 with singing, music, competitions and food!

Having a birthday? Then check out what they have to offer! Kids can celebrate with karaoke, dancing, video games, and even table sports. 

Ready to get Amped Up? We think you are! 

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How much does it cost?



$8 for open gaming. Family night $9.95



Same as adult


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They offer child care services too!

Any top tips?


Check the times of the event you want to attend, before you head out

I'm Hungry!


They have a great range of tasty foods for you! With soft pretzels, popcorn, pizza, chicken, nachos, hot certainly won't go hungry!

Healthy Eating If you have dietary requirements just speak to them. They don't have any peanut items there.

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Where is it at?


They are located less than 5 miles from White Marsh Mall on the new section of Rt. 43 (White Marsh Blvd.). When following Rt. 43, they are on the corner of the St. John's office buildings, directly across from the new condominium park. GPS systems with older maps may not have their coordinates.

Teachers corner


They LOVE having students! Just give them a call to talk about a field trip

Can I get one of those?


If you're searching for a quick gift or specialty item, Amped Up has what you're looking for. They carry small (and yes inexpensive) merchandise for many occasions. Several of their items are related to their various show themes and provide educational uses.

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs just give them a call to see how they can help

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When can we go?

Largely an event based attraction so keep an eye on their site for scheduling.

All year round

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