The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

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Address: Buffalo Yard Rd, Baltimore, MD 21217, USA Number: 410 396 7102 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you know that the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is the 3rd oldest zoo in the whole of the country? Tha'ts pretty amazing! It was created in 1876, and has been giving families and beautiful family day out every since!

Can you guess what the first animals were that joined the zoo? They were in fact 4 beautiful swans - isn't that lovely!

These days, the zoo encompasses a huge 135 acres, and is filled with over 200 species who call the zoo home. The zoo make sure that they are housed in very natural settings that replicate their native habitats, rather than in environments that they aren't used to, which means they will always be happy and healthy!

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore have some amazing exhibits, where kids and families can learn all about the creatures of the world. The newest exhibit is for the sweet African penguins, where there is a special underwater viewing area so kids can see the animals swimming and playing as they would in the wild.

They also house 46 endangered penguins, and are one of the largest breeding colonies in the the USA so it's a great way for kids to learn all about looking after our planet and our animals. 

Of course, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore are home to so many more mammals, including the lion, elephant, alpaca, arctic fox, goat, cheetahs...and even ones you may not have heard of like the Blue Dulker and Lesser Kudu! An amazing and eye opening experience for the kids. 

Kids can also learn about the animals in their very own backyard, and not just the exotic. Don't forget to check out the various animal experiences too, which will really fill your day with unique zoo activities!

The animals at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore are waiting to make friends! 

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$13 (ages 2 - 11)


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2 years


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If you plan to go a few times, check out memberships because you get free entry!

I'm Hungry!


There a vending machines, as well as a cafe and refreshment stations with burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and snacks! There is even BBQ at the Railway Express!

Healthy Eating
The Whistle Stop Cafe have a Natural Selections Menu where you can get lighter and healthier food options.

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Free admission for school groups? Yes please! For Maryland schools you get free experiences, but anyone can head to the zoo for an amazing experience with the school if you call ahead to book.

Can I get one of those?


There is a gift shop where plush animals, books, toys and apparel are all up for grabs as a reminder of how amazing the day was!

Need a little extra help?


Wheelchairs are available to rent for $9.

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Baby Facilities

Strollers are available to rent from $6

When can we go?


10am - 4pm

Open daily March to Dec. Friday to Mondays Jan and Feb.

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