ShadowLand Laser Adventures

Columbia, MD

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Address: 9179 Red Branch Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, USA Number: 410-740-9100 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

What's that?  Someone's coming!  But you can't really seem them through all the smoke - just shadows moving in front of you.  You need concentration, co-odination, and a great got them!

Only at a laser adventure can you experience such a thrill, and ShadowLand Laser Adventures offers just that.  They give you super cool hi-tech and light-weight combat suits to ready you for the HUGE multi-level arena filled with exciting sensory experiences which will take you on a journey through magical spacescares and weird and wonderful creatures to battle!

Narrow alleys, mystical towers, bridges and ramps form your quest course which you will need to navigate to find your targets!

Of course, you also have to find them through eerie fog, music and lasers!  (For this reason, they recommend only those over 6 participate in the quest)

Because you are in teams, it's a great opportunity to work together as a group or a family - or if you are feeling lucky against them!  You may just win!  

It's great for kids to really learn about team work, social skills, coordination, balance, concentration and strategy. 

They will really love the sense of achievement when they successfully work together to complete their mission.

All combatants will attend a briefing when they first arrive so don't worry how much experience you have - they will cater and look after everyone.  Then you get your code name, and you're off!

Good luck.  May the lasers be with you. 

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$7.75/SingleAdventure $14.75/Double Adventure $20.50/Triple Adventure



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You can go for your birthday! Imagine you and your friends all running around celebrating your big day with such adrenaline and excitement!

Any top tips?


Make sure you bring closed toe shoes! You can't help your team with a poorly foot!

I'm Hungry!


Pizzas are available with a 30 minute cooking time, as well as a small concession stand at the front. There is also catering!

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Where is it at?


If you can see through all the smoke to get there, you know you have reached 9197 Red Branch Road in Columbia!

Teachers corner


As much as they might think it a great excuse to get out of school, ShadowLand actually shows them how to work as a team. They have to strategise together, work together, communicate, as well as work on their social skills.

Can I get one of those?


Celebrate your win (or make you feel better if you don't! - although it's not about winning) with shirts, frisbees, sports bottles and even piggy banks!

Need a little extra help?


ShadowLand is handicap accessible. If you do have a disability, then make sure you call the center before visiting to talk to them about it and see how they can help.

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When can we go?

Mon 11am - 6pm / Tues - Thurs 11am - 10pm / Fri 11am - Midnight / Sat 10am - Midnight

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