Laserzone Adelaide

Noarlunga Centre, SA

Where are we going?

Laserzone Adelaide
Noarlunga Childrens Centre
5/14 Alexander Kelly Dr
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

08 8186 3700

What is there to do?

You have your combat gear on, your heart is racing. The fog is making it's way around the dimly lit multi-level arcade. You catch a glimpse of an opponent, and the mission begins!

Laserzone Adelaide gives anticipation, excitement and thrills to anyone who takes part in this real life action laser game!

It's the perfect group game, which also means it's perfect for the whole family to play with (or against!) each other.

In your teams, you will take on this high-tech sport with your computerised vests and handheld "phasers" which will shoot lasers to your opponent players, zapping their combat gear to score points. You can also score points by shooting base stations and a number of other targets within the maze.

Laserzone Adelaide is great for kids because not only will they love living their favourite video games for real, but it's a great way for them to stay active and work as a team. They need to communicate with the team members, developing their communication and social skills, as well as needing to strategise and plans tactical moves in order to complete the mission and beat the other team. 

The weight of the pack is quite heavy for the smaller kids so they recommend that 6 years old is the youngest to participate.

Lazerzone Adelaide is also a great option for birthday parties! Bring your friends and play against each other for a really fun and unique celebration!

Generals, your mission is waiting! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10 per mission

Children: $10 per mission

Discount: Multi mission buys get cheaper, packages also available.


When can we go?

Call to book

Open 7 days


Any top tips?

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