Vertical Reality Climbing

Holden Hill, SA

Where are we going?

Vertical Reality Climbing
12/560 N E Rd
Holden Hill SA 5088

08 8266 4090

What is there to do?

Fancy a day out where kids can literally climb the walls? You got it!

Vertical Reality Climbing offers 800 square metres of indoor rock climbing, where even kids as young as 4 years old can enjoy this great activity, especially if they have lots of energy!

Indoor rock climbing is great for kids, because it keeps them so active and healthy. It improves their strength, helps develop their coordination, and they can really feel that sense of achievement as they improve, so an incredible confidence booster!

Vertical Reality Climbing also offers bouldering and low level climbing is available for those just starting out or wanting to stay close to the ground.

Those with experience and confidence can move onto the more challenging routes and heights, and for those kids over 13 years, they can enjoy a chance at belaying too!

The routes on the walls are all colour coded based on their degree of difficulty, so you can ensure that kids are climbing to a level that suits them. Then, when they master that colour, they can move to the next! Great fun!

They have grades as easy as 3, or as challenging as 29, so no matter how skilled you are, there is something there for you. 

No matter how young or young at heart, the thrill of climbing is all the same. 

They also offer a hangboard and campus board for those who want to train.

So get ready to scale new heights at Vertical Reality Climbing. There are challenges to conquer and they have YOUR name on them!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $17, and $5 for safety induction. Gear hire extra.

Children: $12 (Under 13) and $5 for safety induction. Gear hire extra.

Discount: Full time students $14


Need a little extra help?

If you have any questions about disabilities or special needs, just speak to staff and they will be happy to help and advise!


When can we go?

Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm, Saturday 12pm to 8pm, Sunday and Public Holidays 12pm to 6pm.

Open year round


Any top tips?

Why not have your birthday party at the climbing centre! You can book a 2 hour party with friends, and it can make for a unique and fun celebratory experience!

I’m Hungry!

They make great coffee!

Healthy Eating

Why not take some healthy snacks and bottled water to keep that energy up? - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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