Laserzone Sunshine Coast

Warana, QLD

Where are we going?

Laserzone Sunshine Coast
3 Main Dr
Warana QLD 4575

1300 527 379

What is there to do?

You step into the dimly lit arena, your heart is pumping. Adrenaline is flowing through your veins, you look to your team mates. You are strapped into your combat gear, and your super high-tech phaser in your hands. Ready, and...let the battle commence!

Laserzone Sunshine Coast is perfect for the whole family, as it's the perfect group activity. Excitement, anticipation, and thrills await in this one of a kind "Mission Impossible" game. 

Make your way with your teams, dodging the beams and trying to outscore your friends within this super atmospheric multi-level maze. Best of all, the game is completely safe and painless! Your phasers shoot special lasers which react to the receptors on your opponents vests, as well as the base stations and numerous other targets you have to try and hit in order to score.

Laserzone Sunshine Coast is a great way to play against, or with, your family! Whilst it gives the illusion of playing in an action video game, it actually also develops kids communication skills, and ensures they have to work as a team, and strategise and plan their tactical moves in order to beat the other team. It is also great for their social skills!

While the arena isn't pitch black, it's pretty dark so just go in aware of this! The multi-level arena is lit with blacklights which gives those fluorescent paints and materials in the arena to glow! Pretty awesome!

You will be amazed how quickly your eyes will adjust to the new environment - which is just what needs to happen if you really were on the battlefield! 

Of course, Laserzone Sunshine Coast isn't just laser. There is also air hockey, redemption games and a super fun Kung Fu challenge!

General - your mission is waiting! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $12 per mission

Children: $12 per mission, kids' morning 2 hours $25

Discount: Multi mission buys get cheaper, packages also available.


When can we go?

Weekdays 10am - 9pm / Saturday 9am - 9pm / Sunday 9am - 5pm.


Any top tips?

To get the best value come to one of their Lock In Sessions or purchase a Super Pass and get plenty of games to pick up the tricks and really enjoy your experience. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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