Flight Experience Adelaide

Parafield, SA

Where are we going?

Flight Experience Adelaide
Parafield Airport
59 Anderson Dr
Parafield SA 5106

08 8267 2737

What is there to do?

Who loves that moment of excitement when you first step onto a plane - knowing you're about to take off into the clouds and see some incredible things!

Flight Experience is a fun way for the whole family to spend the day up in the sky...whilst keeping your feet on the ground!

It's an opportunity for kids to "fly" a Boeing 737 in their very realistic flight simulators - and it's about as close as you can get to the real thing! 

When you arrive, you get your boarding pass from the Check-In (we told you it was close to the real thing!), before meeting your First Officer who will actually be a real trained pilot! A perfect time to ask them questions about flying you have always wanted to know...

As you make your way to the cockpit, perhaps this is your first time on a plane? Have a look around....how does it feel?

Strap yourself in and it's time to make the checks! Tune into Air Traffic Control - is it safe to fly? Leaving from one of the 24,000 airports you can choose from in the system, you move to the runway and...GO! The nose wheel slowly lifts up, and you're off!

What do you see below you as the clouds pass across the window? What countries can you spot? The job of a pilot is a busy one so don't get too distracted by the sights! You have to make sure that all the controls and readings are correct to ensure you get those passengers to their destination!

With Flight Experience, you get to pilot the whole trip, so get ready for landing! Your First Officer will be there to help, but all eyes are on you! Do you think you could one day be a real pilot after this?

Whilst there are other flight duration options, the 60 minute flight is their most popular. All their packages accommodate those who have never even set foot in a plane before, as well as those experienced flyers! If you have those flight hours under your belt, why not challenge yourself and try different situations, like bad weather, or a tricky approach?

Kids will love the sense of achievement as they complete their flight, and love watching the world glide underneath them.

Flight Experience also offer great flights for students, and can provide you with a DVD copy of your trip so you can re-live it at home!

Get those wings ready, it's fly time! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: From $99. $295 for the 60 mins package

Children: Same as adult


When can we go?

10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Sunday by appointment only


Any top tips?

You can get shorter packages but the 60 minute one has had the best reactions for duration, so try and go for that one for the kids!

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