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11 Amazing Indoor Activities for Kids

Sep 20,2022read

While it is always nice to get some fresh air, sometimes that is just not possible. Whether it is because the weather is too hot or the rain just won’t stop, sometimes families just must find something indoors to entertain themselves and keep busy. This list of 11 amazing indoor activities for kids will keep any age entertained for hours.

Indoor activities for kids can be fun, creative, and educational. When your family finds themselves stuck in the house during a scorching weekend or a rainy day, choose one of these 11 amazing and fun indoor activities for kids of all ages. The whole family will be sure to enjoy themselves while also spending time with one another.

Have Fun with Arts and Crafts

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There are so many different types of arts and crafts that kids can enjoy indoors. Take out all the old magazines, construction paper, printer paper, crayons, markers, paint, scissors, and glue and watch your kid as they create their own masterpiece.

Older kids may enjoy rolling strips of magazines into small beads and then stringing them into jewelry. Children of all ages will be excited to decorate an old white shirt with fabric markers or puff paint. Even young toddlers can join in on the fun with fingerpainting. Parents can put a sheet of paper in a large Ziplock bag and squeeze some paint inside. Young ones can enjoy moving the paint around in the bag all while staying completely clean.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

What better way to keep kids busy than to send them on a scavenger hunt around the house? Parents can easily make their own scavenger hunts or just have their kids search for items from each of the colors in the rainbow or items that are different shapes. If you want more of a challenge, the internet has a ton of different pre-made options.

Set Up a Movie Night

Grab the popcorn, set up a cozy spot, and turn on a favorite family movie. If kids want to get even more creative, they can decorate cardboard boxes as little cars and sit to watch the movie from their very own drive-in theatre.

Learn How to Cook

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Days inside are perfect for learning a new skill. Kids can learn to bake a delicious dessert or help cook a family meal. Another great idea that can include kids of all ages is having everyone in the family make their own personal pizza. Even the youngest family members will have fun creating their own dinner.

Get Down to a Dance and Karaoke Party

Put on your dancing shoes and prepare your singing voice for a karaoke and dance night. Get the family together and let the kids get some energy out in the middle of the living room. Older kids may even enjoy preparing their own dance routine to perform for the family.

Camp Out in the Living Room

Indoor tent set up for play

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If you can not go outside, bring the outside in. Kids will have fun creating forts in the living room with pillows and blankets. The family can share their favorite scary stories while enjoying some s’mores from the oven or microwave.

Read or Listen to a Favorite Book

Read your way through a few pages of a favorite book. Families can cozy up with some hot chocolate and read or listen to a family book. If books are not really your family’s thing, then there are a ton of great family podcast that the whole family can listen to.

Complete a Science Experiment

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Amaze your family with a little science experiment. There are so many at-home science experiments that can be created using common household products. Create a volcano using baking powder or a fun splash of color with some food coloring and milk. Kids will have so much fun that they wont even realize that they are learning as well.

Write an Old-Fashioned Letter

Pull out the fancy stationary (or just regular writing paper) and have the kids write an old-fashioned letter or make a handmade card to mail off to an old friend or family member. Can’t think of anyone to mail it off to? No problem! Make cards for service members to mail off during the holidays or comforting cards to give out to nursing home residents.

Create a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule as a family! Parents can have kids gather a few items that may represent themselves to throw in a time capsule that can be opened a year or so later. Kids may even want to write a note to themselves describing their favorite things and goals for the future. It could be fun opening the time capsule in a few months or years to see how much each family member has grown and changed.

Play a Game as a Family

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Gather the squad and sit down to play a fun family game. Most families have a few board games to choose from, but if you can not find them then a good old game of “Would You Rather” is always fun. Family members can go around writing four or five “Would You Rather” questions and then put them all in a jar. Take turns picking questions and sharing your thoughts. This is not just a fun game, but also a game that will have you learning a little bit more about your family members’ fears and desires.

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