Zao Island

Valparaiso, IN

Where are we going?

Zao Island
1050 Horse Prairie Ave
IN 46385


What is there to do?

Welcome to Zao Island, where it's kids fun all day long AND plenty to do with the parents!

How about we start with the go-karts, where you can go on a hair raising ride as you make your way around and 1,100 ft long track. Vroom Vroom - watch out for those hair pinned turns! Do you think you can make it across the finish line first? Those NASCAR champions had to start somewhere!

Laser Tag is next where you navigate your way through an abstract jungle themed arena, with a host of special effects that will make your combat style experience that much more fun! It's where kids can work together as a team, and hone their coordination and target skills in this very same game.

There's an arcade where you can play the latest and coolest games, or batting cages with slow and fast pitch softball, and slow to fast hardball where you can practice to be the next Babe Ruth. Batter up!

The Lazer Frenzy maze is a new arcade style attraction with fun high-tech interactive game play, as well as mirror, haze and effects - do you think you have what it takes? Did we mention Bumper Cars too with a twist? They do 360 spins! Hold on tight! It's where that friendly competition kicks in - just keep an eye out behind you!

With mini golf too, featuring two beautiful courses with a waterfall, 8 scenes and yes a dragon, it's the perfect place to get a hole in one! Challenging enough for the parents, yet fun enough for those little kids!

Oh.....did we mention the 45 alligators? Yep SNAP! Zao Island also have an alligator exhibits where you can even feed them from a pole. Good luck kids!

Family fun all around at this indoor and outdoor adventure. Have fun kids!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Pay and play from $3

Children: Same as adult. $7 unlimited Bounce House wristband.

Free Under: 3 years for mini golf


Need a little extra help?

Just give them a call and speak to staff if you have any questions about accessibility of the attractions!


When can we go?

11am - 9pm Mon - Thurs / 11am - 11pm Fri / 10am - 11pm Sat / 10am - 9pm Sun

Year round


Any top tips?

Some rides have height restriction so check before you head on the attraction.

I’m Hungry!

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