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    It’s a children’s zoo – and great for children – and as my son reminds me – “walking is good exercise”. The petting area, the otters with the underwater tunnel, the tiger, the train you can ride on, observation tower (with its “thousand steps”)…all make for great fun. It’s close to the park, the beach, the marina, the outdoor mall, lots of good fun/exercise for the family.

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    Parking was annoying and a bit on the pricey side, but once to the Zoo entrance everything was better. The entry fee was reasonable and there were alot of animals to see. It’s a bit hilly, but easy to navigate. My 2 yr old daughter loved the otter exhibit with the underwater tunnels (see photo). Good for an afternoon. 🙂

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    Little gem on the beach. Bald eagles and tigers in such a little place love going there

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    It’s very very very very very very cool and very very very very fun.