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Chicago, IL

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Address: 163 E Pearson, Chicago, IL 60611 Number: 312-888-6224 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Chicago has a fascinating past, and some might say one of the most fascinating aspects of it is the crime and gangster history, and with Chicago Crime Tours, you can immerse yourselves in the stories and locations of the city's infamous past.

Suitable for kids over 6 years, Chicago Crime Tours offer a number of different tours, each take you to some notable landmarks and crime scenes (yep - crime scenes!)

The main tour is the Chicago Crime Tour, where over the course of 90 minutes to 2 hours, you will learn all about criminals, mobsters and gangsters such as Al Capone, The Untouchables and The Chicago Mob.

They aren't just Hollywood movie titles - they are real historic figures!

You can stake out crime scenes like the Holy Name Cathedra and the Biograph Theatre, and even drive by the historic criminal courthouse, where some of the most famous cases were tried.

It's also a great way to see the city of Chicago, with the tour taking you down River North, Lincoln Park, and the Magnificent Mile neighborhoods.

If you love the idea of the tour, check out the longer version of the above which is the Night Crimes Tour, lasting from 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

For those hungry crime stoppers in the family, the Crime & Pizza Walk is always good fun where you explore the unsavory gangsters, but tuck into savory deep-dish pizza!

A fun way to explore the rich history of Chicago's darker side!

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Crime Tour: $39.95 / Night Tour: $45 / Pizza Walk: $50



Same as adult


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Tour guides appreciate tips and helps them pay bail.

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There isn't a restroom on the bus so make sure you go before the tour starts!

I'm Hungry!


You get to enjoy cheese only pizza on the Crime & Pizza tour! Otherwise the tours aren't too long, so grab something before or after your visit - you're in Chicago!

Healthy Eating Why not take some healthy snacks and bottled water with you

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Where is it at?


Main crime tours start/end OUTSIDE of 163 E. Pearson St. (SE side of Pearson & Michigan Ave). Pizza tour starts OUTSIDE 29 E Ohio St. (Pizzeria Uno) and ends OUTSIDE 730 N Rush St. (Giordano’s).

Need a little extra help?


Call and talk to them about accessibility specifics. The bus has 4 steps and storage for folding wheelchairs and strollers. Some stops include stairs.

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When can we go?

Check the schedule for the various tours when you book your tickets

Operates year round, the Crime & Pizza tours begin May

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