Adler Planeterium

Chicago, IL

Where are we going?

Adler Planeterium
1300 South Lake Shore Drive


What is there to do?

Where do you want to go on your next family day out? Space? Why not!

The Adler Planetarium is a great place in Chicago to explore what is out there above Earth's atmosphere. It's also America's FIRST planetarium, being founded all the way back in 1930, so there is a fascinating history to learn about before you even get to a telescope.

If you love all things space, you will love the exhibits that the Adler Planetarium has for you. Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what else there is to know about the moon? Mission Moon has the answer! You can take a journey and discover all the dangers and thrills of what is really means for those astronauts to take a trip to the moon. 

There are exhibits which give kids a chance to learn about the history of cultures of the world too. Astronomy In Culture looks at what other cultures of the past thought about the moon - from South America to Egypt. Even the Middle East! The moon has been around long before even dinosaurs, so just think - all those great figures of the past will have seen the very same moon that you are looking at!

You're in the wonderful city of Chicago, so it's only fitting there is an exhibit on what the sky above Chicago in 1913 would have looked like. It's true, for all those space buffs, the stars wouldn't have changed positions. BUT - there was a lot less light pollution, so when you looked up into the sky over 100 years ago - it would have looked like a blanket of stars! Can you imagine looking up now and seeing something so amazing? 

From planets to the solar system, there are plenty of exhibits covering some pretty amazing topics!

Adler Planetarium also has overnight stays, after school hang outs, and three theaters where you can catch some pretty cool films about space!

Are you excited to explore space! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $12

Children: $8 (aged 3 to 11)

Free Under: 2 years old


Need a little extra help?

There is an accessible entrance, as well as parking spaces.


When can we go?

9:30am open. 4pm close weekdays. 4:30pm weekends.

All year round. Closed July 3 and 4, and Memorial Day


Any top tips?

Check out the cool events and programs - there are some fun kids camps and experiences for you!

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