Shedd Aquarium

Chicago, IL

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Address: 1200 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA Number: 312-939-2438 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Who's ready to explore underneath the ocean! No, you don't have to get wet we promise. You just need to go to Shedd Aquarium!

Shedd Aquarium gives families just like you a great way to explore underneath our oceans, without having to leave Chicago!

You don't need to head out onto the ocean to sail across the ocean on a whale-watching cruise. You don't even have to strap on that diving mask to get right up close to a shark. Perhaps you have always wanted to encounter a sea turtle in the Caribbean? You can do it all at Shedd Aquarium!

Shedd Aquarium has a number of exhibits that you can explore, each with a different theme, and something new to learn!

How about heading deep into the Amazon, with Amazon Rising? Did you know that all of the people, plants and animals live lives that are determined by the yearly floods? Where people stand in dry season, the fish swim in wet season!

Don't forget to look out for those snappy piranhas! 

From the Amazon to the Caribbean, kids will love explore the 360 degree tour of the underwater reef community, where you might even spot a moray eel peeking out the rock crevices! 

Ever wanted to take a trip around the world? You can at Shedd Aquarium with the Waters of the World exhibit - that takes you around the globe in 80 habitats! Explore the rivers of Asia, the flooded forests of South America, to the lakes of Africa...

Leave that diving gear at home, because you don't need it at this family Chicago attraction - because they have brought the ocean to you! 

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$37.95 (total experience online ticket)



$28.95 (total experience online ticket) Ages 3 to 11)


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Any top tips?


Make sure you visit the aquatic show and the 4d experience - they are great fun!

I'm Hungry!


Get those rumbling tummies to Soundings Cafe, The Bubble Net (family friendly menus) and The Deep Ocean Cafe where there is plenty of food options to enjoy!

Healthy Eating
The Bubble Net offers healthy options and vegetarian. Yum yum!

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Where is it at?


From Lake Shore Drive, exit at 18th Street.

Teachers corner


There is plenty of educational fun to be had. Explore the world of water, and make discoveries! Give them a call about taking a field trip out to the aquarium - they will love to have you!

Can I get one of those?


The souvenir store not only has cool, fun and educational toys and games, but all proceeds go to support Shedd's non-profit mission.

Need a little extra help?


Shedd Aquarium is fully accessible and wheelchairs can be rented There are also tours available for visitors with difficulty of hearing of low vision

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When can we go?


9am - 6pm. 5pm close weekdays in winter

All year round

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