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Address: 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, USA Number: 312 742-3918 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If there is one place known in Chicago by all of the locals, it's Grant Park! This 319 acre park is known as Chicago's "Front Yard", and is home to SO many attractions and things to do! It takes that classic family day out at the park to a whole new level.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Grant Park is one of Chicago's FIRST even parks? Pretty impressive! Today, it is home to a host of museums, planetariums, and aquariums, as well as plays location for some pretty fun festivals across the year!

The centerpiece of the park are the three world class museums: the Art Institute, the Shedd Aquarium and Planetarium, as well as the Field Museum of Natural History. The park actually has a museum campus, surrounded by beautiful green space.

Don't miss the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, an impressive centerpiece built in 1927 that protects the amazing lakefront views!

For those active kids, you can enjoy some sports time with the baseball diamonds, as well as the tennis courts. There is also Field House with it's huge climbing wall, Play Garden for kids, as well as an Enchanted Forest with it's mirrored maze! There is even a play space for toddlers.

We haven't started on the festivals yet! Grant Park hosts The Taste Of Chicago, an incredible food and music festival held around July 4, as well as the Grant Park Music Festival! It's also the site of the Chicago Marathon start and finish lines. Get those boots warmed up!

Have you heard of Lollapolooza? Hang around Grant Park and you can actually experience it! Yep - that's here too!

Did you know that Pope John Paul II even spoke to a crowd here? Pretty impressive!

With all of those flat, green areas to enjoy your regular park fun too, it's no surprise that Grant Park is one of the most notable parks in the city. So what are you waiting for!

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Don't miss the Climbing Park which features a climbing wall, as well as the Play Garden for kids, and the Enchanted Forest with a mirrored maze!

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There are plenty of places within the park to pick up some food! From hot dogs, to ice creams, to cafes, there will be something for those rumbling tummies!

Healthy Eating Make sure you take plenty of bottled water! Why not bring a picnic too, so you can enjoy it out under the sun

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Teachers corner


Field House is where all of the indoor and outdoor programming occurs such as day camps and pre-schools.

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They do their best to make all of the festivals, events, and facilities accessible to all. Speak to staff if you have any questions!

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6am - 11pm daily

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