Kids Fun Near Me in New York, NY

New York…the city that never sleeps!  Well, we hope you get YOUR rest otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy all the awesome places to visit with your family!  What shall it be today for you?  The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art?  The Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour?  The City Treehouse?… Wait…what’s that?  You haven’t heard of those?  Are we getting mixed up with our cities?  Actually, we’re not!  You see, while they are really fun and fascinating activities for the whole family to enjoy, icons such as the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building just make up one part of this incredible city.  There are so many other hidden gems - you just need to know where to look (Hint - Family Days Out is a great place to start!) New York City doesn’t have to be a budget breaker either.  Some attractions feature free entry on certain days, such as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Bronx Zoo!  Now go grab that pretzel and bagel and enjoy!


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